Places and times to visit in Africa.

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Nice Sunrise in Tanzania
Nice Sunrise in Tanzania


For an exotic, vacation few things can beat the majesty, of an African safari. African has long been a destination of wonder for the rest of the world. This small African Safari travel guide will hopefully help you plan a vacation into the wilds of Africa.
One of the most awesome Safari experiences is witnessing Tanzania’s and Kenya’s Great Migration. During June and November millions of Wildebeest and Zebra make the trek across the Serengeti with their young. This is one of the most awe inspiring events in the world.
During the great migration the predators of the plains are also out in full force, granting the safari goer a great all around look at Africa’s wildlife on both sides of the food chain.
During the dry season, which typically begins in January, and extends to March, or sometimes May, animals will typically gather around permanent watering holes. This offers travelers a great chance to see the animals of Africa in concentrated numbers.
The coming of march usually signals the start of the rainy season in Tanzania, which can be a real problem for travelers. It is not uncommon for roads to get washed out, and areas to become impassible. Avoiding the rains is a big key to having fun during a safari.
For people wishing to see gorillas on their safari Uganda is the destination of choice. The months of December, through March can get dry and humid, making it uncomfortable to spend long stretch of time in the countryside, but the viewing the mountain gorillas of the area makes all the discomfort worth it. These are just a few destinations of choice to visit on an African Safari, consulting a more in depth travel guide will give the traveler a better idea of places and times to go.

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