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facts observed suggest that there are other rays involved
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requires a large amount of research especially along the line
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officers elected Dr. Edward B. Root Painesville president
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metabolism although comparatively little. The specific sub
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The California Physicians Directory is a well gotten up and
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case here reported shows that lack of pain and localized tender
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years to four years and the great professional rewards in civil life
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and continuous in which neither the nephritis nor the symp
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final canal. At the pylorus the symptoms are mucous vomit
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has apijointed the following as a state board of health for a
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ment which will enable him intelligently to grapple with the
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varied as those attributed to malaria. Cases may re
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in those cases without deep seated fundus lesions. That
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of the shaft as show no endosteal thickening or ossifica
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about one fifth of the uric acid output into the more
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ature. In many of these there was hemorrhage into the
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ance and where this falls below the normal the time
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experimental confirmations of his claims. Murphy reports ex
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under the circumstances it seemed to indicate direct personal
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As the chief hero in the contest between the bacterium
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trates into every crevice and seems to stimulate the tissues
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lowed carefully planned and skilfully executed opera
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been made the hospital is practically without debts. A new
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Checking Consumption in British Columbia. The board of
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anism in the cortex and efferent nerves which is imme
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that a number of life insurance companies take risks on
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sequently the simple rules of cardiac hygiene of which mod
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tainable by the sunlight when the rays are concentrated
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Review and Criticism of Dr. G. Arehdall Reid s Work on
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sensation produced by the so called hospital scandals of the
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literature some very good observers including Musser
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diabetes mellitus. Since such experiments in the human
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of the colubrine species and this is in favor of the remedies.
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the country relative to the ethical status of present condi
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