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affections due to the streptococcus these germs were foimd

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The following cases of smallpox yellow fever plague and cholera

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treme overcrowding of the state insane hospitals is contained

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reich s bacillus the influenza bacillus etc. In secondary bron

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are included in the osteoid areas and are converted into

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bathtub after the stopcock is turned thus sprinkling a layer

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Victoria. The epidemic appears to be practically over. Only

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labor should be induced not only to prevent permanent

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authoritative guidance in matters of sanitation education and

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in one case Benedict. Ascites was present in 7 swell

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sequently as military governor successively of the pes

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is in need of such treatment he should receive the best possible

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it has been in operation for years. It has been long the

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method of local anesthetization have been less than when medicinal

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hospitals shows a mortality of 40 per cent of late cases.

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diphtheria there were 794 cases reported with 110 deaths. Of

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mortem examiners and especially those who act as such only

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and diarrhea in one. Another experienced great dis

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showed much more contamination than that obtained from

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actinic qualities. Of the rays perceptible to the eye as

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bacilli have been taken up by the phagocytes. The reaction

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Pathologically they aie neurofibromata pure or in various

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can be carried in the waistcoat pocket for instant use and

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digitalis or cafl ein. The heart tonics alone are able to increase

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mortality in appendicitis in all cases under surgical treatment

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serious tuberculosis dining their first year of compulsory

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In connection with diet lavage is often of value as are

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water. It appears that the carbonic acid which is derived

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cases different from the others I do not think we can answer

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Physicians Shun Advertising. Whiteside County Medical

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