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Smallpox. At the Pittsburg mine near Bay City eight cases

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the kidney in place and there is also a large amount of

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in not telling them the nature and extent of their case and

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is now defunct. On retiring from this principalship he re

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carried plague from one country to another and that

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to the early history of this subject and to the priority of the

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at his home in Ottumwa Iowa January 16 aged 76. The

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were 31 and 49 years old and the course of the affection was

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tical matters belongs not to the local legislature but to the

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at a late period always a difficult matter many methods

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diphtheria 58 scarlet fever 104 smallpox 58 typhoid fever

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ice during the last nine months he has met with 55 cases

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The bleeding was minimal and probably only the result of the

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of the Pasteur Institute reports that since the institute was

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is better adapted for lateral than total placenta previa as the

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