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gratifying results. His conclusions are in the main in

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tissues in nasal operations especially on the septum its ability

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Dec. 1 1902. Tension has remained about the same as be

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This simple appliance has cured every case of excessive noc

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in their personal effects can not altogether be excluded

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clusions however he recommends the sponge with some

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ing and all others an equal and only an equal voice in

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the necessity for early diagnosis serve as an excuse for

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Board convened at the Marine Hospital Port Townsend Wash.

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The possibility of decomposition of the capped hyper

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Leonard New Braunfels Comal County David H. Houston

clistere valium

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in which the writer comments on the above facts and says that

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the diagnosis. In case of cholecystitis operation not too much

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more journals draw for support from the same field

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loid instead of 15 per cent. The italics are Professor

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before deciding pro or con and with this in view The

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a half of cases of scotoma this symptom is followed by

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true of phototherapy. Certain forms of the latter mode

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nosis of the condition is necessarily bad and the treatment

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reported to the Surgeon General. Public Health and Marine Hos

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tained by the transposition of ordinary food products.

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are perfectly tolerated by the tissues even when the excursions

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quite rigid ankle and foot flexed at the ankle joint and some

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an area of lymph stasis in the apices of the lung where a

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Airy and Forster think cerebral anemia is the cause.

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as the additional mortality from the operation is not bal

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between two street cars in Chicago. January 11 and sustained

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will usually take care of it after a longer or shorter period of

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