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the operation was undertaken in such cases as might well be

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mendations of Judge Endlich of Pennsylvania. If it is to

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class of clandestines restricts liberty and infringes on

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Carter called attention to the presence of indican in the

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thing more than another that he does not know it is

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gressional and Legislative Committee consisting of one

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which should be changed as soon as soiled. He thinks in our

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unprejudiced and beyond the poss.bility of bias. Fre

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show that the chief diseases in order of prevalence for December

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of the physiologic function 2 pathologic processes such as

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tion I may be pardoned for repeating an anecdote of Lord

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Shortly after this he left the city and I did not see him

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sion of technic that a number of the ablest investigators

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has been followed in many instances by marked relief of

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ceral ptosis and a movable right kidney. It was very evident

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prerogatives of control in Cincinnati with being honor

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condition proper. In a like way the intestinal symptoms are

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bone. At the end of one week when the scalp sutures were

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the physicians had practically the same average. The number

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a certain formula containing pyrethrum and other drugs.

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ishing and starving them cutting off and diverting the

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the opacity of the lens to increase more rapidly. The tension

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