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spells headaches and sickness of his stomach. He had a
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may be a mixed infection with other germs. 5. There are two
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pathetic cords but in either case the effect is a tem
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hence their management was soon added to the political
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of exercise even walking or driving is liable to cause
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department 3 534 in skin department 892 in dental depart
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measures but as an important adjunct to treatment. The
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always be employed. 5. The operation should be an open
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institutions. The medical profession has much to gain
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couraging but when it is remembered that the population in
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the new theories as to the transcendent importance of salt
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ered to be the disturbing factor in many forms of dis
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length of the temporal and occipital lobes uniting the audi
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wounds caused by leeches bleeding continues for hours
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to separate them. The daily newspapers and even the high
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same as the vascular the greater part of the stomach can
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cases are traceable to this cause. The dirtv. filthy rags
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nati 1878 died at his home in Brownstown Ind. January 7.
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Special Reference to a Simple Teehnic for Appendicectomy and
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other intraperitoneal contents. If one will take the pains to
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changes express it but they are referred to as the sweepings
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erated splenic vessels. Fourteen other bullet wounds of the
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cocyte s part in immunity which developed in the form
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acted as master of ceremonies at the dinner. Those present
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of the thigh should crowd it directly against the floor of the
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nephritis. The profession needed a few cases carefully studied
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but any systematic attempt at this falls under the sus

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