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class less than 50 for the round trip from Paris to Rome and
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retlnltls Due to Disease of the Kidney Chicago Med.. Recorder
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mental research by himself and others. He warns that this
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and had not yielded to treatment which had been in the
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of any of the sciences in the past few years. The text
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neck of the invagination of the chronic death from ox
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placed under favorable conditions of nutrition rest and
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time when about to speak in public. Here the second
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shown by the urine is especially noted but all cases of
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The patient has been taking a rest for some months
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Pneumonia continues to claim a large number of victims the
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females and 133 males 28 of the males were married and be
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facturing poisons others are engaged either in arresting
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Other papers read were Diagnosis and Treatment of Gall
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ous after effects really do or do not occur and by the
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ticulation. I have also in a few cases operated on small
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taken and successfully carried out namely the chairman of
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tissue is usually quite structureless at the commence
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associated gastroptosis and are not referable to the kidney
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cesarean has about the same mortality as hysterectomy for
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Ohio Cincinnati Feb. 512 9 cases Feb. 6 13 Dayton 18 cases
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vigor and causes the patient to increase in flesh and it verj
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Perces County on account of ill health and Dr. John F. Hurl
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Paralysis of the cervical sympathetic may be due to
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intelligently directed rest treatment before resorting to
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The fluid to be concentrated is subjected to a tem
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and cream equal parts an ounce of butter and if desired
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adventitious capsule. This was freely laid open and long
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the decrease of the amount of discharge. Of the 27 patients
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sufTering. The bleeding was finally checked and the eye
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with renewed vigor for everything that is likely to be adulter
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very satisfactory. It is the most wonderful drug in the con

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