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old maid. Thinks she began to change life at thirty five.

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The origin of the development of the nodule is some

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In general the same rules of procedure as suggested

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diovascular instability or brain abscess. He has never seen

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it is imjjossible to tell it from a hernia. The fibroma does

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tories and oil injections work well. A mild non irritating

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for chest drainage in empyema varies from that of Beck in

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tion tissue. The lobules were atrophied almost to one half

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He contributed larsely to medical literature. He collected and

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to the subject of rodent ulcer. He describes the process of

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chronic insane and proper provision must be made for them.

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tive ones had been given cultures of human tuberculosis

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of 150 Copies. Printed on Imperial Japan Vellum Paper and Signed

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those of gallstones are not unusual in connection with

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the peritoneal cavity by repeated irrigation I close without

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It should be remembered in considering the details of

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treme fatigue or exposure to cold or wet. One of the

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tubuli but a number of lacunae with canaliculi. As the

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sued to exercise such care. The party suing testified that the

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that the eye was completely blind. This attack was pro

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the nervous tissue of the eye more especially involved

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if it were found that elements considered up till now indecom

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was delivered in Witherspoon Hall February 15 by Dr. Her

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this way. This view however is opposed by very valid

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diminished under such conditions something else must

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applicants. Abstracts or translations are furnished and all

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tion produced by this something causes the pulp to en

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aY.c. and to give the reasons why we discontinued the lower

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weeks after the operation. The left field Is practically the same as

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hours and then to decrease until it reached normal limits


April 20 1903 the wound has healed. Eye sensitive to

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nor is the incapacity to change a mark of excellence or

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carefully observed and reported. This may excuse my

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and after being assured by the patient that she was willing

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