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mental process which we term eruption of the teeth.

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with the stronger one. He thinks this is explainable by the

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object. It was requested that the jury be instructed in effect

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the distal side of tlie constriction and the moment it is

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excrete sugar in the urine the body being unable even

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tion is very much better. He did not believe that the slough

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license from the state to practice had practiced for one

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the first showing marked arteriosclerosis in the brain internal

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after the dressing. The first dressing was done on the tenth

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middle zone and the right kidney movable to the third degree

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Associate Professor of Surgery in the Post Graduate Department.

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Meeting of Inner Council of International Antituberculosis

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ment. Whether this urea is really the offending agent or

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ways by different operators. The five principal methods

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of the fibrous tissue of the muscles which by extension may

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ligidity or tension of the abdominal muscles was the keynote

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session this committee made its report and presented a consti

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disease among this class of patients is of as frequent oc

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tonics. Particular attention should be given to the

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water is forced up through a dozen openings in the double

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united to the thick bony periosteal shell or involucrum

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plete health. He refers to twenty Russian authors who have

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hospital Sept. 26 1901 two months after operation with

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the kidney. The contracted middle zone was shown by

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and there was hemorrhage from the choroid an lt l the eye was

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in consultation with the physician who had charge of the

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the other. But before making any definite statements

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fever in his fourteenth year and was refused life insurance in

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turbances rhis Idea is advanced by Oliver and Is In a measure

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tics emphasize the value of early treatment and show apparently

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