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an interval of rare seizures for three years and nearly two

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She asserted that she had a great number of nervous symp

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the employment of hypophosphite of calcium sodium and

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pendent mechanical force and is a factor in the causa

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mth a valve like opening the wound should be freely opened

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limited to one kidney though with more or less fundus

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This little work consists of answers of numerous prominent

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difficulty was experienced in separating the bursa on the inner

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of rectal fistula reporting a number of cases. He thinks

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naturally confirmed the diagnosis. Although this case hardly

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with a pill consisting of powdeicd ipecac creosote black pepper

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method similar to that of Mikulicz. He favors the McGraw

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States had to be modified by the modern requirements of the

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sometimes persists for one two and even three days.

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the bacillus of leprosy either in fresh or tainted fish

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portion of the ureter is diseased thus impairing its function

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concerned. In order therefore to avert more serious

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of confinement when data are wanting which is germane to

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Talt of San Francisco on everting the kidney from the capsule

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older method leaves a bony box which does not repair

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thorough way. The author s views are those which seem to be

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in ordinary lacerated wounds the first thing to do is to

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that the engineer and his fireman have not a vital inter

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toms have been observed. He in some cases increases the

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institution will accommodate 100 patients and will represent

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nitions are we to recognize as the relationship natural

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worked out the place declined until a new industry took its

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he adopts namely that the membranes of the cord are in

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a ratio approximating that of the solar planet. Almost

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figured would give ample proof of the truth of this

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of epilepsy which bears his name pointed out that there

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