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pancreatitis multiple abscesses of the pancreas and cholelithi

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dress but the request of the writer not to publish his name will

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object of the nodule is to cover up by calcification some

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to the closure of the opening made in gastro enterostomy by

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occurrence which seems to cast doubt on the visual and aural

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ive at the first sitting. To the former class belong such

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be removed or by distending the line of incisions when a

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the trabeculffi is destroyed by the inflammation a cor

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annual death rate was 1.81 per 1 000. Pneiuuonia caused 106

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months pregnant. Patient protested and would not believe

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be that there are yet probably unsolvable problems before

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at a time but when the spasm was over he passed about two

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eye fingers could be counted at 6 inches. Two days after the

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orrhages may be the starting point of movable kidneys

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tined and provided for at his own home is applicable only

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muscular contraction but that there may be a marked effect

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ganized by Dr. Hubert A. Royster Raleigh councilor for the

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substance shows no distinct changes other than vascular

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body forms the major portion of the kidney lies above

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Plants in which he predicts an early extermination of the

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consolidation will avoid waste and make for a better

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the patient Geisler instituted antisyphilitic treatment. The

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said it was not probable that our knowledge of insanity would

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having ample opportunity for the study of the disease

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Bilateral sympathectomy reduced tension to 1 and vision to

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of the upper dorsal and cervical regions is at times

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forms over the surface. If there are microbes under this

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after one had acquired a certain amount of skill in technic

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neoplasms while they traverse skin and muscle without

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tion of diaphysis of tibia cut squarely across. 2. Lower epiphysis

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sylvania Philadelphia. 1807 of Philadelphia died in Xew

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in which a member of the French cabinet was passing. She

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