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the nerve fibers the whole to be classed as one of the quartan

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irritants in the blood the pure toxemia. These toxins do not

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prefers sodium salicylate associated with salol and betol

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find obstruction or perforation of the stomach but observes fat

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County.Medical Society the following officers were elected

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or hydrogen peroxid and given time to absorb it and the

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their neglect of his method of gymnastics in the treatment o

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used from youth to old age will be found healthful and

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promotion to enginemen if vision sinks below 20 20 in either

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active campaign during the coming session of the legisla

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has been shown to be an entire failure as far as any true

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and one to three fresh well beaten eggs raw and cooled on

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According to an abstract in Med. Netcs the glycerinate of

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by the investigators mentioned is the substance that is de

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structive and full of significance I will quote some of

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from serum it seemed probable that the lecithin in such

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days as shown by lengthening of the term of preparation from two

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capitation of the fetus in one case. The patients were dis

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official witness at all any more than the physician who has

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moderate intensity in which medical treatment should be tried

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should never be given for fear of paralyzing the lungs and

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rhage 2 where the source of the bleeding is discovered

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served any symptoms of intoxication from its use while the

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months after which it appeared regularly though it was pale

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known that some plants have been improved by cultivation

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ditions for twenty years by endeavors to relieve the venous

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for the total number of 188 and for the seven years the total

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than 20 per cent of cases of fibroids required operation.

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reporting of erysipelas and puerperal fever. Philadel

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days later when a red patch developed about the size of the

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and disease metastases may pulsate and closely simulate

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fited by treatment in the institution. The law forbids this

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general effects were realized only when the adrenalin was in

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