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the funds necessary to carry out the work of inspection and

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and not also involve the gland as Stoker recommends. The

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George Perry Cook M.D. Xew York 1840 once assistant

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This book contains a surprising amount of information con

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ing the presumed routes of the different forms of aphasic dis

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bone each lasting several days but disappearing much more

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laxis is dangerous. Still it indicates that we should not

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with others of an entirely different nature prominent among

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in case of carcinoma of the corpus. When part of the ovum

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Alcohol therefore is not injurious in this condition if it is

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as a paradigm of the first variety. The strangulating

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cotton left in place until the patient is anesthetized and

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degree of devotion to professional labors can be pleaded

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are yet to be compensated for. No sociologic dreamer or scien

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cent baths and of course they are contraindicated. He

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make proof of that fact either by witnesses or by the pre

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Bulletin of the American Academy of Medicine Easton Pa.

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first marked epidemic of smallpox occurred in that county four

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temperature of the month has been five degrees below the

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gidation will barely be one of probability. During the

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tients both Chinese. Precautions are still being continued to

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dictated by their merits or In the Interests of our readers.

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At the time the cutting edge of the tooth is passing

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the profession was aspiring to its rightful place as a

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study of 1 182 eases. His conclusions are given as follows

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All the microscopic slides used for illustrating this

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cate a function that neglect may often destroy it alto

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