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As insanity at times requires rigid isolation hospitals

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thus lessen subsequent effects but that which has en

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gerous communicable disease which must be reported.

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ber in each county in the United States. It then be

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hand placed in the right iliac fossa. The movement is in

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The surgical. shock he says is hardly worth considering. The

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surgeon aided by his medical assistants might conduct them

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segment of the bowel is to be e.Kcised. He points out the

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seek other aid when it is best for them to do so have

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and did not hesitate to say that he favored this or that

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erate eases of secondary anemia show only a slight loss of cell

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districts of cities and among Eddyites and faith healers

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from a regular physician and not be turned over to the quack

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explained. It is this inherent quality which causes the

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which subject within the range of his limited capaci

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tagious diseases and that there is no more favorable element

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none to date have proved infallible. By his method the patient

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tion between the periosteum and the outer layer of cor

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in a great many cases anesthesin locally for the relief of the

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of pelvic adhesions diseased endometrium profuse painful

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the lobes by blunt dissection. The hemorrhage is trifling. His

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when indications demand after careful unprejudiced consulta

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