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We are all singularly creatures of habit and become
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which occurred in a young girl without any ajiparent cause
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character under actual tenement house conditions rather
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its folds and near its center a plate of lead two by three
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mended by Haas and de Santos in Buffalo Med. Jour for the
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deaths 1 077 of measles with 19 deaths 242 of tuberculosis
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provostship was thrown free to all comers without any relig
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once applied as an actual cautery to the bleeding sockets
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inimical to their breeding. He has himself not been able to
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Societies and Elections. Montgomery Cotjntt Medical
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physical signs then by them locate the lesion then deter
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restore an eye that has atrophy of the optic nerve or when it
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trains loaded with supplies have been sent across the continent.
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clip L. The post is made with a hinge joint which permits
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sisted on the advantage of letting them from year to
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literature quite exhaustively. His conclusions are re
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is the limibar pain. The first the paraumbilical is the most
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care and prudence and the question presented in this x tsxy
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absorption. Kight leg was swollen from ankle to knee red
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to my office and asked me to treat him privately. As the case
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extensive correspondence on this very subject in order
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turned only an occasional mild pain reminding him of the
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of the committee on reorganization as made by Dr. McCor
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may take place. In these glass tubes such as the one shown by
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physical exercise and its abuse as leading to sudden and
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culty of telling just when this time has arrived is con
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the medical man take sufficient rest to enable him to perform

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