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in whom I used the salt solution recovered. One patient in

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of these particular investigations on the formation of

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be looked on as a favorable sign indicating a state of blood

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vision of each eye is so diminished that the patient is de

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of a bullet wound. He cites the tragic fate of President

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poison causing a disturbance in the pancreatic metabol

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the parts of the injecting appliances thus wasted the actual

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tions there is apt to be some evidence of septic absorp

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out he was made surgeon of the First Hlinois Light Artillery

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of Haab with their bad prognosis. He also notices the import

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the bladder at 2 30 p. m. This urine is presumed to have

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antithesis of this and embraces a knowledge and prac

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Rinderpest of Cattle and Carabaos In the Philippine Islands. By

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You can well imagine that the bacteriologists who ex

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nection with the scare raised by sewage contaminated shellfish.

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one object then another hoping that we are going to

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but if such a course is not deemed expedient the company s

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cations for treatment are to empty the bowels without the

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and recent operating room observations all tend to confirm the

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thoroughly examine for physical signs. The administration

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and freedom that there are men who have gained among

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tion. 3. What anatomic structures would he cut in an amputation

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member cover only the fiscal year no matter at what time of year

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ing with its function are extremely rare. A case of

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the abdomen seemed to increase in size constantly so that

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Almost all observers find it impossible to draw any

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when rarely the eyes happened to suffer in migrainous

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quently weeks have been spent in securing a jury partic

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the smaller tumor was ligated oil with catgut and a segment

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alyzed several hundred cases each of diphtheria and beri beri

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glandular gastritis had entailed dilatation of the organ and

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