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tlie Army a bill has been introduced which provides

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in the ragged edges of the alveolus and its mouth being

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without giving rise to symptoms or without being rec

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other purposes. He could not detect any connection between

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condition was the outcome of constantly progressing illness

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should not be considered the nerve of secretion for the

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the bifurcation of the main artery probably congenital. The

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Wagner was also thought to be insane by physicians wlio

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of the cases did he find the kidney misplaced on subse

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immeasurably enhanced. Photographic plates are affected in

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it is abundant and in the dead house a small amount

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duction of plague from the Orient. Since then I have

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connection witli the jury box. Says Judge Milhw of the

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tion but only healthy patients of suitable age with at least

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while the party sued pleads and testifies that she made no

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ulceration of the legs. There were five large ulcers on each

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used and in the other two in which it was employed no

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termined It may be necessary to make a crucial incision that may

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after goiter operations and has commented on the great

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attended. The subject was Silicosis and the paper described

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moval of the periosteum is easily accomplished but be

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cardial tluid always poured out when it was incised which

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the properties of its serum obtained by venesection in re

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of the autotoxic theory. The thyroid gland pours its

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it erroneous or bad. They certainly do not insist on

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only such matters of pending legislation as may be thus

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cases pointed strongly to the fact that these were either

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In every other profession general publicity is looked en

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I approve of Dr. Pershing s condemnation of the popular ad

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