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that the infectious disease might be induced by mosquito bites.

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and speaks of the value of the array in their diagnosis though

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anatomic conditions not the causes but accidental re

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forms over the surface. If there are microbes under this

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tions in the Kidney Ureter and Bladder the Other Kidney

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aging with this organism as derived from a number of

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is part of a general metabolic disturbance is still a mat

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bacilli and other micro organisms of mixed infection.

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and I must confess like Dr. Brainard that some of the results

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Schamberg s article in The Joup.xal of May 2 1903 was pub

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may be caused by other organisms than the Bacillus coli and

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purin metabolism and is not necessarily an end prod

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the cells need and that they must be stimulated by exercise

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control experiments were made by Dr. Ira Van Giesen

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We know that the vasomotor system of nerves not only

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plan with the following officers Dr. Adelbert H. Bowman

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amination did not reveal the bacillus but showed the presence

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most all of these with the one exception Calmette s serum

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muscular fiber. In contrast to the general rule irrita

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sue but no evidences of tuberculosis such as giant cells etc.

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possibilities which after full trial under the most di

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county medical society lacks backbone enough to report

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meeting of the fourteen societies which comprise the district.

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after the onset but an abscess was found as in all the other

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methods with certain common fractures especially Colles frac

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results have been secured in past years by other methods. The

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amounted to 140 368 while the ordinary expenditure amounted

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high position is being most vigorously assailed. At first

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tional disturbances and consequently have been over

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either changed or modified does not seem good logic

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was uric acid infarcts and parenchymatous nephritis. Section

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The special idea I want to express is the necessity of

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is done early before there has been considerable hemorrhage

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left side which became better on pressure. She was sleepless

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treated 14 patients with lobar pneumonia by large doses of

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New York State Board of Regents at New York Albany Syra

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