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cases of venereal disease were contracted in five months

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there might be a defect in glycogen construction or an exces

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in the cartilage and bone in arthritis deformans and

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glance do not seem as favorable as those presented by

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in this region such as those originating from the intestine

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number of times with marked success as to retaining the

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discover the path traveled by the tubercle bacilli. This

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states that he commences giving quinin in three to five grain

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erately dilated and shows a greenish reflex. Fundus invisible.

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same for the three years about 7 per cent. This is not

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times and the larger development of the national life.

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ment was associated with changes in other joints in no

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is partly borne out by the ophthalmoscopic examination in which

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perirenal tissues which is manifested by distinct local

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To close defects left by the late removal of sequestra

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against this. Exertion seems to bring on pain and change

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ward W. Gushing of Boston. Tlie case was a complete

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fibers should arise exclusively from the odontoblasts

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be traced to some form of gastritis acute or chronic

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in mind that the disease may advance steadily despite

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Society of the State of New York of the report of the

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it renders them more liable to general and local disor

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or constrict the stomach or to interfere with its motility and

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to a degree of partial paralysis. The nutrition of the

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diagnosis in the case of an elderly woman wavered between

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shape. The body of the uterus rests on and above the sym

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is a material item. Lowered vitality is of less consequence

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one. Having been deprived of reason and of self control an

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physical signs common to pulmonary abscess in many cases

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of these cases colds and influenza are mysteriously pres

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leaves it in order to avoid the trauma and injury of the

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ment of symptoms. One will search the literature in

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